Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Torsion Laser, Angel Light, Colores Brazil attacks

As I'm watching TV, there's a show about UFOs attacking some island off Brazil called Colores. (sp?) Anyhow what is happening is that some of the poor locals are getting zapped by an intense beam that can penetrate structures and cause nasty radiation burns...

So what does it remind me of? There was another show about something invented by a Canadian named Troy Hurtubise called the Angel Light. The device from the description sounds like a very specialized laser which induces "photon torque" on the emitted beam. More on similar high output quantum devices can be found under a category of devices called "orbital photon modulators". This category of optical devices allows for more specialized output manipulation than the common laser.

Thus an idea for a device called a Torsion Laser. It's a very specific device which can be used in weaponized form. By introducing "torque" on the coherent beam, it can produce much more penetration than typical photons and can produce penetration and scattering much more in line with high energy X-ray and gamma ray devices. But unlike X-ray and gamma lasers, the energy requirements are much less. The penetrating effect on biology also seems to make organic membranes not retain water. The energizing effect also excites the molecules and causes them to evaporate. Thus it can make a really nasty "dehydration beam". So in addition to having enhanced penetration of materials, disruption of electromagnetic states, the dehydration and ionizing radiation effects of the beam make its weapon applications quite apparent.

So how to defend?
Charge coupled devices? Maybe by using a charged device to absorb the spin state and transfer it to electrons can be useful. Of course the energy may then dissapate in the form of heat. Another method might be the use of rotating magnetic fields to "de-spin" the polarized beam. However that type of device may also create harmful ionizing radiation. But either of those coupled with adequate RF shielding may be a suitable counter to penetration or attack by a torsion laser. Hmmm...

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