Tuesday, March 14, 2006


My letter to the Chicago Tribune and my sentiments on immigration

Frankly I don't get why the Tribune is saying we should go soft on perpetrators of illegal activity when it comes to entry of the United States, but apparently they are. Thus I fired off a letter to the editor. Frankly they must think the citizens of the United States are really stupid.

Good job Tribune! So you're saying we should go soft on immigrants that come here illegally because it causes a hardship on their family? To what degree does an illegal activity have to deemed illegal in order to have laws against it enforced? Using the same reasoning, it can be deemed that drug users should be released from police custody for causing duress upon their families. Why not family members in jail for DUI? Or why not drug dealers? Surely the loss of income must cause plenty of financial hardship for their dependents. May as well not stop there either. If family suffering is involved, then all incarcerated thugs and murderers should not have to deal with consequences of the law either. Besides, if nobody takes a stand when it comes to enforcing the law, what is the point in having it in the first place?

So that's it. What about the term illegal is not understood?

As for immigration itself, I'm not against it. If it is dealt with in a controlled and legal manner, then I'm all for it. People which put in the effort to to make it though the system and proper channels to be a part of this nation must really have something to contribute.

Here's my simple stance on immigration:
Immigration yes!

There's a reason for having laws in this country, or having a country for that matter. Otherwise we may as well have absolute anarchy. If that's the case, one may as well get out the sledges out and go about tearing down buildings and institutions that have no meaning. (Remember Rome anyone? I honestly doubt it was barbarians...) Why toil and pay for the upkeep of a system (which no longer seems to care for the very people it is supposed to protect) when the supposed foundation of its values has no meaning?

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