Saturday, December 31, 2005


President "votes" no-confidence for existing U.S. skaters

I dunno if anyone else sees it this way, but I see the insta-citezenship of Tanith Belman a slight towards U.S. born or conventionally naturalized citizens. Apparently he lacks confidence in anyone training and practicing here to be sucessful. Not that Tanith sucks (I'm sure she's a great skater), but apparently George thinks that nobody here is capable. Thus my seeing it as a "no confidence" vote for the ability of Americans to succeed. What's next? Bobsledding? The Luge?

(My guess is that if anyone deserves insta-citizenship, it should be the threatened family of an Iraqi who took on shrapnel to save U.S. soldiers. Not some trophy athlete for the Olympics.)

Although this probably isn't too new. Apparently the value of citizenship has been tokenized through the Reagan and Clinton presidencies via corporate welfare policy. Although this probably isn't said officially, it has been the defacto trend via the governments non-enforcement of tax and social security law. Thus it is committing corporate welfare by allowing illegal hiring practices to thrive unhindered. Yey... (So a no-confidence vote of the American worker has been going on for a while.) What has artificial negative wage pressure done for the middle class? Unless those considering themselves leaders take notice to start caring, the value of being a citizen of "The land of the free" is probably no more than Northern Quilted. Probably not the forefathers faught for, huh?

I guess the New Deal ideals that Rosevelt came up with are decidedly not a part of the New World Order.

Only other thing that sucks is that I don't see much in the way of other countries that make them worth leaving here. (Even though the U.S. is becoming crappier, it's still somehow not as crappy as other places. But I suppose our lawyers are working on that.) Well, at least not those with a tolerable climate.

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