Thursday, December 22, 2005


Mainstream science still not over the matter hump

Well when it comes to time and space travel that is. They still think of accumulating enough matter to bend space sufficiently in order to do something. Frankly this is a pretty dumb bang-your-head-into-the-wall way of going about solving the problem. The economic GPP (gross planetary product?) of Earth still wouldn't make a mass based time space device feasable within reason of a lifetime, let alone a couple generations. Why are they stuck on this retarded idea? Not that the people working on this aren't smart, but it's as if they have blinders on still. *shrug*

Anyhow, the closest I've seen to a non-gravitational (and therefore non-massive) solution comes from Brazil of all places. The only reasonable and therefore feasable way of large scale space or temporal displacement is via energetic methods. This involves quantum saturation and charge coupling via the photoelectric effect. (Big lasers and tesla technology anyone? Seems a lot cheaper than planetary sized chunks of depleted uranium or neutron star based unobtanium.) When it comes to realistic time travel, the folks who came up with the flux capacitor in Back To The Future really weren't that far off. If science can figure out how to put together the puzzle pieces with paired photons, quantum entanglement, zero point (Casamir) effect, and matter packet entrainment, they will have the problem licked. What's the hold up?

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