Saturday, December 31, 2005


Hacking Know My Name Elmo...

Apparently there's a neat article by Casey Halverson about hacking Know My Name Elmo. Provides quite a bit of info that should be fun. Imagine bringing your lappy to the toystore and then planting the seeds...

Casey doesn't know what the .rbf files for the audio are, but a bit of googling does the job easy. It turns out that .rbf is a compression format known as TrueSpeechâ„¢. But what's even better is that this compression is included on Windows Audio Recorder. That's right, what you need should already be there on your PC. :)

Also neat is that this Elmo includes a clock that allows for event triggering. If it's possible to figure out how to code for time-enabling, it might allow for more fun. Imagine if a hacker has some fun uploading to the Elmos at a toy store and sets Elmo to become "posessed" after some arbitrary date. Hey it's 2006! Why not have the fun begin on June 6? LOL!

This is casey.

where did you find ".rbf" connected to "TrueSpeech"? After reading your comment, i did the search again, and i just find your exact post.

Saving TrueSpeech files in sound recorder generates a wav file. I have also tried tearing off the WAV header and putting the body of the sound file under .rbf's WMdM@ magic words. No luck.

Any ideas?
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