Saturday, November 05, 2005


Stupid prediction of the moment...

Sometime in the near future, optics researchers in Europe will discover that the constant value "c" which represents the speed of light is actualy in itself a ratio of other variables. These variables in themselves are not directly related to energy or mass. The result is that ten years later, the first commercial application of gravitics will occur in Japan by an electrical controls manufacturer. Most of the formulas needed for such application actually already exist and are those of Maxwell and Einstein.

Funny prediction, huh? Dunno why it came to me, but I felt like I had to blog it.


Well think about it... If Einstein's equation holds up, if you re-write the thing to solve for mass, and the E value is constant -- tweaking the factors in the c^2 part actually becomes a reality. Coulomb's constant plays a role in it, and it can be found that there is a relation between charge and inertia. By being able to tweak what represents mass, without altering its overall energy - you can control its effective inertia and how it interacts with the phenomenon known as gravity. Thus comes the technology of inertia field science, a.k.a. applied gravitics. Strangely enough, optics may actually play a role due to "extra-dimensional" forces due to lesser known phenomena of the photo-electric effect. The extra-dimensions do not apply to space as we know it, but when applied mathematically - they predict the reactions causing observable forces.

Ok... Enough craziness for now...

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