Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Strange azz dreams...

Maybe I ate something funny last night... Maybe I didn't have anything... I don't remember. Anyhow I did have some strange dreams that made no sense which I recalled the next morning. Usually I don't recall the things, and that's what is so funny about it.

Dream 1: This one was actually fun. Even though it made the least sense. First I was getting stuff together to build some cool car sitting in the garage. Then this is where it got odd. A semi truck pulls into the driveway. But the driver is nowhere around. But the truck is left open, so I poke around through it. Then I see some wierd festival in the park across the street. I figure the driver is over there. Normally, the park across from my house is so small that there aren't any sanctioned events of any kind there. But in my dream there's some kind of pumkin festival and kids are selling 'em for a fundraiser. Plausible, but still highly unlikely... Then... I go back home and see a freight train has somehow appeared coming down the hill and sitting in the driveway behind the truck. Yeah, WTF? Well it's a dream... So I go and take a look... Then there's two security guards or attendants walking around the train, and I'm poking around. So I ask, "Is it ok to look around?" and they say "Sure, feel free to have at it..." So I looked around the different cars... Ok that was fun... Made no sense, but it was fun.

Dream 2: This one could be called a nightmare I suppose. Not the kind where you have sweats or feel terrible impending doom. No, this is more of the kind where you wake up feeling pissed off. Something that's quite possible in real life, but probably never happens considering the nature of it... I go to the place where I get a haircut, but it's later in the day then I usually go and there's different people working there. Fortunately there's nobody else before me, so I don't have to wait... Cool... I sit down and the person gets started half way. But then somebody else shows up and the hair stylist lady decides to go and have a conversation. Mmmkay. But then it starts taking too long. I've got somewhere to go or something, so I'm like "Hurry up!" But I keep getting the cold shoulder... And I end up walking out with half a haircut to a different shop at an adjacent plaza. Then I wake up realizing it's a dream - duuuh! But what kind of stupid f'd up shit is that?

Now I probably know why I usually don't remember my dreams. It just seemed real odd that I remembered these two, considering how little sense they made.

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