Thursday, September 22, 2005


People probably think I've lost my marbles...

...Well provided that someone actually reads this. :)

Anyhow I'm a creative sort, and I think I can get away with that at times. So no big deal there.
Finished the Flash MX class at school, Typography, and Design III... Oh yeah and some literature class... Ooops. There was a literature class? D'oh!

Anyhow the classes which I did focus on I pwned (as the l33t would say.) Especially flash, considering that the subject wasn't the teacher's main area of expertise and I learned what I did via studying from forums such as, Albino Black Sheep, and Not to mention a handy book published by Peachpit Press in addition to the book required for the class.

Also I posted a lengthy comment in regards to time travel a few days back on another blog. (Which I found via an interesting show on Coast to Coast AM. Yep, I'm a night owl.) I wonder if that'll bring anyone here. :) Yeah, I think warping space just might be feasable. Probably for a lot less expense and energy than what most people assume is necessary. It seems few people give the human tenacity for creative solutions enough credit sometimes...

Something else to ponder... Wouldn't it be great if in an alternate dimension Nicola Tesla and Granville Woods managed to team up. I could picture them chasing Edison around a laboratory while carrying hand crank powered tasers. LOL!

On another point... What's up with people who decide to take a shortcut over train tracks if they're too damn scared to drive over train tracks? (Seems like an opportune time to quote Carlos Mencia - "Re-Taaaard-Ded!") My car can make it over the same crossing just fine at speed, and it rides lower to the ground than this other person's car. Wtf is their reason for crawling to a near stop? Anyhow I suppose they're lucky my vehicle doesn't have Canadian Pacific painted on the side. :P

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