Sunday, September 25, 2005


My freebies are still up...

Anyone who's been on the web long enough may have seen my name in other places before. One of the places is at a site that contains a lot of useful info on 3D rendering with Bryce and Wings3d. The guy who runs the place made a boo-boo when housecleaning, but all my stuff made it through alright. So it's all good.

Also testing to see if this banner of mine works here...

If it pulls too much bandwith, I'll just take it down.

Word Verication Now Enabled
The other thing is that I'm enabling word verification on my comments here, so only legit comments by people and not bots can post. Sorry if the extra step is a pain, but considering the current amount of interest in my blog and comments - I doubt this is really a problem. I just don't like spammers gumming up the works of my blog's feedback system.

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