Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Now that's luck!

A plane skidded off a runway in stormy weather and ended up in a ball of fire in Vancouver earlier today... Now you're thinking "that's terrible!" But the good news is that nobody died in this accident and something like 14 minor injuries were reported. Not bad considering that the plane carried just over 300 passengers. Now that's luck!

And on another topic, I've been learning Flash MX. It's a bit tricky, but a bit fun. It could be better if the pen tool didn't suck with some of the random functioning... Perhaps in time (now that Adobe owns it) they could copy the pen functionality from Illustrator. That way I know I'm editing a point or whatever... Also the random adding of points when editing a shape could be fixed too... Ah well, the fact that cool animations could be made is what makes it fun.

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