Saturday, August 27, 2005


The real way to stop world hunger!

Tired of seeing all those non-profit groups that try to pull at your heartstrings (or purse strings) because of all the starving children in 3rd world countries? Yeah? So am I!

But all they want you to do is feed and educate these poor bastards, when the real problem is caused by the previous generation who doesn't give a shit. Yep, something has to be done about the parents who obviously don't have the means nor interest in bringing up children in a healthy environment. So what can be done about these f***-wits?

Well obviously until these parts of the world get electricity and cheap televisions, there's not going to be much to keep these people from being interested in f***ing. Seriously, the decline in population growth in modernized countries isn't always about education, pollution, etc. It's more of a case of "Not now honey! My game is on! Maybe later, alright?" (Or in the place of game put the word: show, soap opera, or video game.) Third world countries aren't quite there yet, and until the rolling blackouts stop in second world countries - they'll have this problem too.

So what's the solution? Contraceptive-Aid! Basically if people don't give a shit about the kids they're having, why not keep them from having kids in the first place. Provide contraceptives to the parents. (Rubbers, "the pill", sponge, Norplant, etc.) Obviously you can't stop third and second world populations from f***ing, but at least it's possible to make this form of entertainment less successful at doing what nature intended. Additionally it also has the beneficial effect of reducing and perhaps limiting the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Instead of being selfish by having big families, the parents should be informed about the trouble they cause when having more than two children. The less kids these poor unfortunate people have- the better. It definitely pays off better in the long run. (Part of China becoming a current economic powerhouse now might be due to limiting their population growth to some extent. They've had about a 30 year head start with that one kid policy. Sure the cheaper labor still helps there, but without this policy I doubt the standard of living in some regions would have improved like it has.) Over time there are less people competing for resources, which equates to a better standard of living for everyone. Think about it for a moment... If there's 10 people in some country competing for a job, then there's a pretty good chance that they're all going to get hosed over by "the man". Now if there's two people competing and they can also take it or leave it - then "the man" will be asking pretty-please with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

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