Thursday, December 28, 2006


videoLAN song...

(To the music of Sublime's Doin' Time)

I'm online and the bandwidth is free
And streaming from home with teh compy
And all the people on the net will agree
That we all like what we spent for VLC
We get goofy trying to LAN party
Noobs to the interface say it's harder
We all love the app, but the interface is like shit
It's all complicated like you need a degree
It's spreads, downloading all over
And when we go online, it's the best for free

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Joipee *Brrt* Dee Dee Dee Bing bing bing Heehee

Or what do a Belgian pig, Ol' Soviet Russian toon, and Crazy Frog have in common?

Well if I (or someone who reads this) takes the clips and makes a remix, then they will have something in common. There's some really funny material out there that could definitely be made to work with a given rythm and be milked for what it's worth. Besides, they're all catchy tunes - so what else can I say?

Also it's one of those crazy ideas I get when watching youtube/ and being sleep deprived...

Now if only I could make it synch it up as it appears in my twisted mind.



VLC plugin for FireFox doesn't work

I tried coding a simple html with links using the rtsp:// protocol, but it didn't work for FireFox and VLC. All I want is to simply have a link url with a streaming protocol and have the appropriate stream open in VLC and run in the background. This would be great for having a page with multiple stream links for various web-radio stations. (I could then listen to Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Sydney, Bucharest, London, etc...) Is it that hard to ask for?

It'd be great if it could be fixed. I also tried some about:config tweaks to try and make things happen, but apparently that only works for the Mac folks and some flavors of Linux. No dice in XP. (Or Ubuntu, from what I've heard.) If only I could figure it out, then I would have linked or posted the solution here.

Not to knock VLC or Firefox though, they're great at what they do individually. They just don't work together seamlessly (or as expected) yet. But for now, I can copy and paste such links to the open stream dialog and get it to do what I want to happen. Just some extra (seemingly unnecessary) steps. Ugh. :(

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's been a good while...

It's been a good while since I've fiddled with the blogging here. Anyhow I thought I may as well post for the hell of it. I've still got my job, even though no problems on their computers means my work is as slow as ever. But I guess it's ok, considering that I'm paid to wait around to see if anything happens and I can browse the web and stuff and get paid.

Then there's sketcher at But there's another Paul out there that decided he wants to hog the whole thing for himself. Bleh... I think that's contrary to the point of networked drawing. It's meant to be a point-counterpoint roll off each other thing. Not a hog for yourself kinda thing. F- that. If you're going to hog the thing, may as well draw in PhotoShop or Gimp where you can have your canvas and much better graphic tools to boot.

But at least there's openCanvas 1.1. I guess I could poke around at the IRC and see if anyone is game.

Then there's my car, it's almost paid for. Last payment to be exact. Now if I can only get the driver's master window switch to work consistently. Darn thing's spotty, so every now and then I have to spray it down with electrical contact cleaner. Other than that it's all good...

Oh speaking of cars, one of my online buds has got a new car. A... Ahem... A little... Heh... Dinky car. Well dinky by American standards. A VW Polo. But I guess it's nice enough. It better be, since it's brand new. And over in Europe, the old world city streets aren't really intended to accomodate cars. But I still think its funny, since he's over 6ft tall and in the smallest VW in the lineup.

Well that's it for this blog for now. I'll probably go and post in some my other blogs...

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