Monday, April 22, 2013


The message from the stars?

What if we get a signal from the aliens, and the one thing they send back... Of all things... Is...


And they send it because they somehow figured out it's the one thing both our species have in common. I wonder what amount of time scientists would spend trying to decode the meaning of that?

Sunday, April 07, 2013


A Manual for 116.27914701

If anyone cares to know, this manual should be close enough... (Has all the features and most parts are the same. Not the exact same model, but considering how much is identical, honestly it looks like a revision to me.)

Now if only someone could explain why the U.S. Sears website doesn't conveniently provide downloadable manuals for free like the Canadian one does. Greedy bastards.

How did I find this. Sometimes I'm a bit persistent in my online search skills.

Also, please comment if you somehow found this useful or found a more exact free .pdf of this manual on a site that's not malware infested.

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